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My name is Barb Ladner and I have been collecting these lovely creations for over twenty years. A few years ago, I decided to try to complete my collection. Since the first Angel was issued in 1976, thirteen ornaments have been produced each year - one for each month plus an annual. At the end of 2014, the total number of Danbury Mint Gold Christmas Ornaments will be 482!

In the course of locating those ornaments missing from my collection, I received a great deal of support and assistance from the Danbury Mint, creator of what I believe to be the world’s most exquisite collection of Christmas ornaments. Without their desire to create and issue these gorgeous ornaments, my Christmas tree would be bare!  Danbury generously helped me get extra boxes to store my ornaments and, in a move extremely important to the creation of this site, provided a detailed list of the correct name and vintage of every ornament they have issued.  My sincerest thanks to everyone at the Danbury Mint!

In addition, I have met some other wonderful collectors and sellers who have helped me on my quest so I want to acknowledge these wonderful people. My sincerest thanks to:

Diane & Harry of Flying Eagle Coins
Lesley Fink
Lucille & David Hind
Nancy Liebzeit
National Estate Buyers
Georgene Richards
Sue Watson
Kati & John Wharton

And a very special thanks to
Patricia and Paul Stevens
of Redmond, WA,
- and -
Bonnie Anderson of Naperville, IL,
whose generosity allowed me
finally to complete my collection.

Finally, I thank my wonderful husband, Dave, who designed this site and enjoys these ornaments every bit as much as I do.

So... Welcome to what is, as far as I know, the only source for viewing a complete photo collection of the Danbury Mint Gold Christmas Ornament Collection. The site is designed to:

  • Help collectors identify their ornaments by proper title and year of issue.
  • Provide a complete history of the development of this magnificent collection.
  • And, provide a way for collectors to meet and buy, sell or trade ornaments.

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We have received countless emails from collectors asking how to care for and clean their Danbury Gold Ornament Collection. In a recent shipment, Danbury Mint included the following brochure which we have reproduced here for the convenience of our fellow collectors.

Reproduced by the kind permission of The Danbury Mint.

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